Turkish Hospital Qatar’s New Physiotherapy Unit

Turkish Hospital Qatar’s new physiotherapy unit provides the highest quality of rehabilitation services

Turkish Hospital has been working above and beyond to provide the highest quality of rehabilitation services to Qatar’s citizens and residents. The new Physiotherapy Unit at Turkish Hospital treats patients of all ages having a wide range of health conditions. Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is a healthcare service that addresses physical and functional disorders in the musculoskeletal, nervous, or cardiovascular systems.

Turkish Hospital’s Physiotherapy unit oversees diagnosing, instructing, treating, and rehabilitating functional disabilities, pain, illness, injuries, and other problems in the fields of orthopedics, surgery and plastic surgery, general ICU, cardiology, obstetrics, and geriatric rehabilitation.

Physical therapy will help patients strengthen the muscles associated with injury. Therapy also helps improve post-surgical outcomes, by addressing pain, strength, motion, integrating physical, psychological, emotional, and social wellbeing. The rehabilitation treatment includes independent, custom-designed physiotherapeutic treatments with injury prevention and an educational guide.

The Unit’s physiotherapists are carefully selected and certified to apply a variety of therapeutic techniques.

What are the aims of rehabilitation?

Achieving full physical and psychological recovery and improving quality of life through gaining functional capacity and rebuilding social connections.

What are the fields of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation in Turkish Hospitals?

Physical therapists treat a wide range of health issues including:

  • Orthopedic rehabilitation and sports injuries
  • Treatment and follow up rheumatic diseases
  • Acute and chronic pain management
  • Geriatric rehabilitation
  • Pediatric rehabilitation
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Neurological and neuromuscular diseases
  • Rehabilitation afterburn
  • Metabolic bone diseases (Osteoporosis etc)
  • Amputee Rehabilitation

Which type of Physiotherapy modality is being used at Turkish Hospital?

Physiotherapy treatments and modalities can include the following:

  • Personalized exercise programs designed to improve your strength, range of motion, flexibility, and functional capacity
  • Joint mobilization and manipulation to reduce pain and stiffness
  • Soft tissue mobilization or therapeutic massage to relax tight muscles, relieving pain, and reduce swelling
  • Hot and cold packs, ultrasound, electrical stimulation  to relieve pain, reduce swelling, increase blood circulation
  • Skin and wound care
  • Airway clearance methods to assist people with breathing difficulties
  • Functional activity and tolerance testing and training
  • Management of incontinence including pelvic floor re-education

Manual therapy is a clinical approach based on skilled “hands-on” therapy to decrease pain and improve the mobility of joints, soft tissues, and nerves

How long does a physiotherapy session last?

Usually, physiotherapy sessions are between 45 minutes to an hour. The first appointment will usually be longer in order to account for the assessment of the patient’s medical history. The number of sessions that are needed will depend on the complexity of the problem and the speed of recovery. Often a number of sessions are needed as the treatment must be gradual in order to prevent further harm.