Ear-Nose-Throat / Audiology



Dr. Ugŭr Dokuzlar



Audiologist Rena Shifin Anantha Mangalam


At TURKISH HOSPITAL we care for those with problems with the sinuses, ears, adenoids, tonsils, and thyroid allowing for proper breathing, speaking, and hearing.

At Ear Nose and Throat policlinics, including laboratory, radiologic, and audiology evaluations are implemented for diagnosing and treating our patients if necessary. Our ENT includes endovision which enables endoscopic examinations in addition to classical examination devices.

Our operating rooms are equipped with all the necessary and latest in technology surgical sets that contribute to patients’ comfort and a successful operation process. These sets come into prominence as tools to the physician practice in fields of endoscopic sinus surgery, middle ear, and mastoid surgery.  Qualified physicians and intensive care units make successful surgeries as our standard on significant cancers in the head and neck region. 

ENT Diseases that are treated at our Hospital:

1. Otology and Neuro otology (Diseases related to ears or ears and brain together): 

All diseases of the external ear canal. Middle ear diseases: Acute or chronic inflammations, calcification at the connection between the middle ear and internal ear (otosclerosis). Diseases of the internal ear and beyond. Inflammatory diseases of the internal ear such as Labyrinthitis. Vestibular Neurinitis. Diseases Characterized by Dizziness such as Meniere Disease, Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo.

2. Rhinology and Allergy (Nose Diseases): 

Deviations of the nasal bone, polyps, and cancers of the inside of the nose. Treatments of acute and chronic sinusitis. Seasonal and Chronic Allergic Nose Snuffles.

3. Stomatology and Diseases of Oropharynx: 

Inflammatory, cystic, and tumoral diseases of Inside of the Mouth. Inflammations and enlargements of tonsils and adenoids. Causes of snore and treatments.

4. Laryngology: 

Inflammatory diseases of vocal cords and neighborhood (laryngitis), vocal cord nodules, larynx cancers. Speaking disorders.

5. Diseases of Head and Neck Surgery: 

Inflammatory diseases and tumoral swellings of salivatory glands (front of the ear, below the chin, and below the tongue), thyroid gland surgery, management of masses at the neck (swellings), and evaluation of causes and surgical treatments if necessary, treatments of thyroglossal cysts and sinuses.  All cancers of the head-neck region, oropharynx (inside of the mouth), tongue, chin.

6. Maxillofacial and Facial Plastic Surgery: 

Nose esthetics, esthetic operations such as flap-ear. Surgical treatments of lower or upper chin fracture, diseases of chin and face bones, and treatment.