Dr. Ozgul Mustu Koryurek


At Dermatology Departments of TURKISH HOSPITAL, besides services related to diagnosis and treatment of all skin diseases, medical and dermatologic non-invasive dermatological aesthetic interventions are also part of our scope of services. 


  •   Fungal diseases
  •   Psoriasis
  •   Eczemas 
  •   Hair and nail disorders
  •   Venereal diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea
  •   Skin cancers
  •   Birth spots
  •   Hair loss 
  •   Drug allergies
  •   Puberty acne
  •   Genetically transmitted skin diseases
  •   Healthy skincare


  • Treatment of Acne and Seborrhea
  • Treatment of anointment, dandruff, and acnes of skin 
  • Treatment of Hair Diseases and Hypertrichosis
  • Evaluation of the reasons for hair loss and treatment
  • Treatment of male type hair loss
  • Treatment of hair, fungal diseases, and palate
  • Evaluation of the reasons for hypertrichosis
  • Laser epilation

Treatment of fungal diseases of the skin

  • Diagnosis, treatment informing the patient about the protective precautions of body, pubis, and foot fungus

Treatment of Nail Diseases

  • Treatment of fungal diseases of nails, cracks and nails thickness, nail prickles, and other nail diseases.

Treatment of Allergic Skin Diseases

  • Treatment of urticaria and evaluation of reasons
  • Treatment of drug eruptions
  • Treatment of bug stings
  • Treatment of “atopic eczema” in babies and children
  • Treatment of contact allergies (contact dermatitis)
  • Treatment of cosmetic allergies
  • Treatment of solar allergy
  • Treatment of diseases inside of the mouth
  • Treatment of Behçet disease, aphtha, tongue fungus, and other diseases

Treatment of parasitic diseases of the skin

  • Treatment of headlouse, body louse, and scabies

Treatment of Venereal Diseases

  • Treatment of syphilis’s
  • Treatment of warts and herpes of genital region

Treatment of Other Skin Diseases

  • Treatment of pregnancy and childhood skin diseases
  • Treatment of the bullous diseases of the skin
  • Treatment of viral rashes of skin (scarlet fever, measles, rubella, varicella, zonae disease, etc.)

Non-Invasive Treatments

  • Biopsy taking and taking out the early-stage skin tumors
  • Taking out the nevus and moles
  • Freezing therapy (cryotherapy), burning (electrocauterization), and laser therapies of warts, moles, and molluscum
  • Surgical treatment of nail problems

Cosmetic Dermatology

  • Treatment of skin problems caused by cosmetic products
  • Treatment of Excessive Sweating
  • Reducing excessive sweating with medications
  • Botox application
  • Treatment of skin spots
  • Treatment of wrinkles
  • Treatment of wrinkles with filling substances

Dermatologic Laser Applications

  • Laser Epilation
  • Laser Peeling
  • Non-ablative (without peeling) skin rejuvenescence
  • Treatment of capillaries with laser
  • Laser treatment of vessel rashes
  • Laser treatment of keloid, hypertrophic scars
  • Laser treatment of acne
  • Laser treatment of warts
  • Tattoo removal treatment with laser
  • Laser treatment of skin spots