General Information

About Us

Turkish Hospital

The mission of the Turkish Hospital is to bring the highest international standards in healthcare from all over the world to Qatar. All our medical and essential clinical staff have been personally and carefully selected from Turkey and all over the world to support this state-of-the-art project.

Turkish Hospital is bringing Qatar a combination: Highly experienced and skilled healthcare professionals and state of art medical equipment and technology to ensure the highest level of results while providing healthcare.

In Turkish Hospital, we believe in continuous development and improvement. While we will be focusing to understand the needs of the community we serve, we will constantly keep ourselves up to date with all the recent developments in global healthcare and will always be determined to bring QATAR the newest and highest level of technologies used in the world.

At the same time as Turkish hospitals, we will always be committed to treating patients with respect and dignity and providing them the highest-quality healthcare services in a professional and compassionate manner.

Company Structure

Taleb Group & RUZGAR Company Corporation

Turkish Hospital is a joint partnership between Qatari Taleb Group and Turkish Ruzgar Group.

Incorporated in 1955, the Taleb Group of Companies (TGC) completes 60 years of operations. Following its success in the Real Estate, the Group ventured into diverse synergy fields such as construction and manufacture of construction products, agency/distribution of international brands of repute for construction machinery and heavy equipment, distribution of automobiles, education, management, educational institutions, hospitality management, hotels, medical management, and hospitals.

Ruzgar Group on the other hand is a 100% Turkish capital company with great expertise in medical health care. The Ruzgar Group with the never-ending passion to provide safe, high quality, compassionate health care, already has accomplished many successful projects in the field of health.

Accomplishments over the years are only a small representation of what the Taleb Group and Ruzgar Group will be doing in the near future.
The brotherly and strategic relations between Taleb Group and Ruzgar Group will continue to improve.

Our Values

Respect for others

Provide healthcare without discrimination on any basis, such as and not limited to age, gender, race, nationality, religion, physical or mental disability.

Ethics and integrity

Provide healthcare with dedication to the highest quality standards and with respect to human dignity and rights

Compliance with the law

Practice the profession in honesty, transparency and integrity.

Professionalism & Diligence

Respect the rights of patients and other health care professionals.

Health & Safety

Be aware and respect the cultural and moral values of the State of Qatar.

Communication & Transparency

Practice the profession in honesty, transparency and integrity.