Dietitian Elif Burcu Cilgin


Clinical Services
Turkish Hospital?s dietitians provide clinical services in both inpatient and outpatient settings. The dietitians also work closely with other health care professionals, including various multi-disciplinary programmes?

The patient is referred to the dietitian by a doctor when nutrition assessment and intervention are indicated. The dietitian provides medical nutrition therapy to patients, which comprises nutritional assessment by taking into account the patient?s medical history, diet history and body composition measurements such as triceps skinfold, handgrip strength and body impedance analysis. Thereafter, the dietitian develops an individualised nutrition care plan to help better optimise the patient?s health condition.

Turkish Hospital?s ?Dietitians provide diet counselling and nutrition management to a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions including (but not limited to):

Cancer (including (Colorectal Cancer) (Medical Nutritional Therapy for Cancer)
Chronic kidney disease ( Medical Nutrition Therapy for Kidney Disease)
Coronary Artery Disease
Diabetes Mellitus (Medical Nutrition Therapy for Diabetes Mellitus)
Eating disorders
End-stage kidney disease and dialysis treatment
Gastrointestinal diseases (including inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome)
Gout ( Medical Nutrition Therapy for Gout)
Hyperlipidaemia (Cholesterol; Medical Nutrition Therapy for Lipid Lowering (High blood cholesterol/triglycerides))
Hypertension (Medical Nutrition Therapy for Hypertension)
Liver disease (Medical Nutrition Therapy for Liver Cirrhosis)
Malnutrition / malabsorptive disorders
Nutrition assessment and Nutrition support
Osteoporosis (Medical Nutrition Therapy for Osteoporosis)
Swallowing difficulties (with Speech Therapy) (Medical Nutrition Therapy for Swallowing Difficulty (Dysphagia))
Weight management (including bariatric and metabolic surgery) ( Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome) Medical Nutrition Therapy for Weight Management)

The team of Turkish Hospital?s Dietitian also provides nutritional support for patients who are critically ill or malnourished. Types of nutritional support include:

-Oral nutritional supplements
-Tube feeding
-Parental nutrition

Other Services:

The team of Turkish Hospital?s Dietitian provides nutritional support for:
-Sports nutritions
-Healthy eating

Food Services:

Turkish Hospital?s dietitians have contributed to the development of therapeutic diets and work with the Food Services Department in the hospital to ensure that food served to patients is nutritious and suitable for different medical conditions and dietary restrictions.

Turkish Hospital Dietetics work as a team with other healthcare professionals to run programmes for various populations. These programmes are tailored to the medical conditions of the individuals with the aim of helping them achieve their dietary goals.