Helin Efe



2009-2013: Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Ä°stanbul University, Turkey

2016-2018: Master Degree Sports physiology, Okan University, Turkey


2013-2015: Private Bizim Çocuklar Private Education and Rehabilitation Center, Istanbul Turkey

2016-2018: Private Elele Private Education and Rehabilitation Center, Istanbul Turkey (part-time)

2016-2018: Fizyopower Wellness Center, Istanbul Turkey (part-time)

2016-2018: Trabzonspor, Private Physical Therapist for Superleague Football Team in Trabzon (part-time)

2017-2018: Ă–ssur prosthetic orthosis rehabilitation team (part-time)

2018-2020: Atos Medical Center specialist, Qatar

2020-Present: Turkish Hospital Doha


2012: Bahçelievler 70.year Hospital Pediatic and Nörological Unit, Istanbul/Bahçelevler

2013: Physical therapy and sports center, Istanbul / Bakirköy

2013: Therapy art center (Orthopedic manual therapy)


2013: Kinesiologic and Rigid Taping Course Manipulative Sports Therapist ERKAN ALP, Manuel Physiotherapists Association (MTD)

2015: Lower Extremity, Upper Extremity, Spine Manipulation, Mobilization and Banding Manipulative Therapy, Manuel Physiotherapists Association MCMT

2015: Pelvis, Sacrum and Lower Extremity Manipulation and Mobilization Course MCMT

2017: Touch Bionic Education, Amputee Rehabilitation Heidelberg, Germany

2018: Global Sports Wellness and Pyhsioterapy Summit, Sports Nutrition and Health Education